content that connects.

spark curiosity and
drive discovery in
the life sciences

content that connects.

spark curiosity and drive discovery in the life sciences.

who i am.

Hiya, I’m Elie.

I’m a science content writer and SEO strategist that specializes in synthetic, molecular and microbiology. 

After getting my Ph.D. in bioengineering and more than a decade doing research, I transitioned out of the lab to pursue a career in science communication. 

Over the past five years, I’ve worked at digital marketing agencies, helping some truly awesome biotech brands of all sizes create valuable, SEO-focused content.

strategic content marketing.

connect with your audience at the right place and time.

You’re not selling flip flops or halloween costumes. You’re selling cutting-edge science. From a best-in-class bioinformatics platform that’s speeding up personalized medicine. To a novel microbe, engineered to synthesize the world’s next blockbuster drug.

With new science comes new gaps in knowledge. We sometimes assume that our audiences know the same information we do. But they don’t.

Content can help. Blog posts, whitepapers and case studies spark your audience’s curiosity, drive exploration, and promote decision making. 

I’m ready to help you build a content strategy that puts valuable content in front of your audience.

  • Content Marketing and Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Blog Posts
  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • E-Books
  • Social Posts
  • WEB copy
  • Email Copy
  • WEB DESIGN SERVICES Available (Partner Program)

optimized for results.

If there’s one thing that connects us all, it’s our use of Google! Even scientists search for solutions to their problems on Google, whether it be “best Italian restaurant in downtown San Diego” or “shotgun metagenomic sequencing vs 16s rrna sequencing.”

You may have valuable content that can help your audience solve their problems, but first you need Google to rank it on the front page, where your audience can click and read it. And Google can be fickle.

A solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy gets your content in front of your audience. It ensures that Google sees and understands your content and its relevance to a searcher’s intent. 

I’ll make sure Google is treating your content with the care and love it deserves. And if it’s not, we can figure out what’s wrong and optimize it for improved organic visibility.

  • SEO-Focused Content
  • Off-page seo
  • Technical seo
  • SEO auditS
  • Information Architecture
  • 60-minute SEO trainings
  • WEB DESIGN SERVICES Available (Partner Program)

let's connect.

Time to get into the details.

All it’ll take is a 15-minute chat and I can start thinking about the best way to connect you with potential customers. If you’ve got a specific project in mind, whether it be a monthly blog series, a major overhaul of your SEO strategy, a brand new website, or all of the above, I’ve got you covered. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and the science behind your brand.